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The topics for next ES meeting

Hello ES members.

This is Yoshi who takes in charge of the next meeting.

The topics are as follow.

1. What's new ?


  The infection of corona-virus is still spreading.


  How have you been doing in this condition ?

  How has your daily life changed with corona-virus ?

  Something fun do you have in the difficult times of that ?

  If you have something fun, let's share it together.


  Vaccination will start soon in Japan. And people over 

  65 will be able to take it from around March.

  Do you want to take Vaccination this time ?

  Do you have any other idea ?

  Let's enjoy our life in the restricted condition.


Tokoname International Association
English Speakers

Notice of venue change for the next English Speakers (January 23)

The Tokoname Chamber of Commerce and Industry East Building will be closed 

on January 23 due to the Covid-19 emergency declaration from Aichi Prefecture.

The venue will be changed to "Tokoname Citizens' Culture Center No. 2 Practice Room".

The "Cultural Center 2nd Practice Room" is the 2nd room on the right side of the 2nd floor, 

passing in front of the office from the entrance of the Cultural Center, going straight 

toward the exhibition room and going up the stairs.

Please use the parking lot of the Tokoname Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Tokoname International Association