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This is Shoji who takes charge of next meeting on February 16 as MC.

My idea of the topics on the day would be as follows.

Looking forward to your cheerful and interesting speaking!



1. What’s new?

    If not so special, your impression or some opinion against recent

    social conditions would be welcome.


2. Risk in our life

     We are living in various risks of this world and our selves.

     Please talk about the risks that you are being afraid of

     In turn from follows and your risk hedges.

      1) Health   2) Accident (Ex. Traffic)   3) Disaster  4) Business


3. Japanese national economy of this year

     How do you forecast the Japanese national economy for this year?

    Up?   Down?  Remain on the same Level of last year?

     Roughly and simple reason is OK.


Best Regards,

2/6  Shoji


Tokoname International Association

English Speakers