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The topics of next meeting on August 4.


This is Shoji who takes charge of next meeting in the afternoon of 

August 4  as MC.

My idea of the topics on the day would be  as follows.

Looking forward to your cheerful and interesting speaking!



1. Whats new?

   How are you enjoying or keeping your health in this intense

   heat summer?


2. School trip(修学旅行),camping

    Where had you visitted for your school trip,cammping in your

    elementary & junior highschool age ?

    Please tell us your impressive memories of these dear experiences.


3. Casino

    On 20th this July Casino authorizing law (Integrated Resort 整備

  推進法) had been approved by the House of Councilors.

    Centrair iland have being considered as one of the possible erea 

     for the Casino resort.

     Do you image that it will contribute to get up steady the life of

     diligent & productive people of Aichi prefecture.

      Lets discuss freely(simmple image, japanese words OK) the

       matter of Casino resort in Tokoname .


I wish you are fine every day in this mid summer!

Best Regards



Tokoname International Association

English Speakers