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Dear ES members,
How are you.
Closed extension of public facilities in the city of Tokoname was announced. 
It is unclear that the period of closure will be for the time being.
Today, the Governor of Aichi Prefecture has declared "Aichi Prefecture’s 
Emergency State", so we cannot know when this situation will end.
We have announced that English Speakers will be reopening from May 2nd, 
but will be closed in May.
We will inform you of the upcoming ES meeting when it is announced that 
public facilities will be reopened.

The topics of next meeting


Hello everybody. 

I ‘m OKUDE the MC for next meeting.

Topics are 

1.    Any news if you have.

2.    New corona virus (COVID19) and China.

After outbreak of New Corona Virus, we are aware how big influences are given to Japan by China and Chinese people.

Many travelers are canceled to visit Japan so the tourist industry are suffered heavy losses, many manufactures can’t get many components so that had to stop operation.

Also many food service industries have difficulty in getting raw materials.

New Corona Virus will be ended someday, but relation with China is continue forever, therefore we shall be think about how associate with China from now. 

This is the good occasion to find it.

Please have a good opinion and discuss on the meeting.

See you then.



Tokoname International Association
English Speakers