Preparations to receive a wig

 I gather up hair. 

Key tweezers size medium size or small size, a turban, a doughnut net, safeguard tape


A net                                 I let you go through to a neck.

I bundle up hair in one with rubber.

By a key pin from ネープ a place of around 7 centimeters I keep it.

Move rubber; the immediate top of a key to the first pin

I stop it with a key to the second pin. I take off rubber.

I gather up remainder hair equally.

I have you pick it up not to attach an edge of a net to a face in a place of a mouth and raise a net to print off hair of a hairline.

A turban at a position of a hairline   I wind it up.     I exclude an ear


take down a net and close a turban again.       I am late and put hair away.

I immobilize an edge of a net in a forepiece.

Safeguard tape                                                           I bind cross.