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New century TAKASIMADA


Dezain Mage(A design chignon wig )  A list of design chignons


Suihatu ȱ (Low ponytail )



Daisuihatuȱ (I lend tied long hair meanses )

About a hair color

A natural color

It is a general hair color of a Japanese woman.

A Japanese doll of traditional bride makeup is finished.

Bright color

In life, it is the hair color that a Japanese woman gets close to most now.

A natural urbane bride doll of natural make is finished.

A brown color
When it compares it with natural color, it is the image that it called "ȱ" quite brightly.
Pink matches lipstick and it is good and, at the degree that made only some Hiroshi makeup "the sum", shines.
An individual actionist. Sophisticated Dole of bride.

I am particular about subject matter

 After lacked in decoloration to natural hair selected carefully and unified colors of hair, and I coated it, and having processed it
I plant it and, by a craftsman of a one-year term, do one one hand. I become 200000-300000 of them by one wig.
I prepare a three-color hair dye to support the personality that modern brides overflow.
The secret is face line.

I plant only thin hair as I seem to cut the skill of a craftsman doing not spare waste in a delicate net.
* Personal hair

I have people use natural hair.
The wig of normal personal hair had many very heavy images, but gives a feeling of light weight equal to a wig of a product made in nylon.
There are many people used a wig of nylon, but, for safekeeping characteristics and maintenance, should have you use it like true hair of oneself if you may write magic by Rev. hairdressing (a äѤĤ = hairdresser) to the hair now because hair lives.

* Face line

Face line is important one of the wigs.
Face line was seen and loses a natural image to appeal to you for a feeling of natural so that the people who had you follow a wig cannot hit a wig.
We have you use a wig like one's hair with naturalness as you do not understand a border of face line

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