We are a non-profit citizen organization which has promoting an international culturalexchange centering on an annually held summer ceramic workshop attended by overseasparticipants.
Outline of our group and its activities is as follows:(As of Oct.2006)
The Executive Committee on the International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname
(Abbreviated as: IWCAT [I-dabryu-kyat] )
Founded 1985
Mail : c/o Tokoname Chamber of Commerce and Industry
5-58 Shinkai-cho, Tokoname, Aichi, 479-0837 JAPAN
Telephone: 05693-34-3200, Facsimile:0569-34-3223
Home page:http://www.japan-net.ne.jp/`iwcat/
Main Activities
1. Operation of the International Ceramic Art Workshop known as IWCAT.
2. Participation in Tokoname Ceramic Festival and other domestic activities.
3. Participation in other international exchange activities, dispatching of members overseas to lecture.
Staff Members
General citizens of about 30 members.
General Meeting : The whole decision making
Secretariat : Taking care of general affairs of workshop
Work section : Operating of workshop pottery making
Home stay section :Taking care of host families
Recreation section : Operating of parties and other exchange activities
Operating Workshop needs a certain financial ground for preparing documents, collecting conformation, operation of meeting, obtaining pot making materials, fuel and so on.
These budget is covered by participation fee from overseas participants and subsidiaries from local authorities etc.
Until now (2006), IWCAT has accepted a total of 339 overseas participants.
International Pottery Collection Room
IWCAT has collected and exhibited pottery works made by overseas participants and display them in Collection room.
This room open to the international exchange activities of ceramic art.
Official Commendation
We received official commendations of our superb activities from 5 prestigious organizations in Japan.
The Prize of the Minister of Home Affairs