IWCAT2010 from July17-Aug.23 in Tokoname, JAPAN

8 Participants from 7 countries

Snapshot : Opening Ceremony, Orientation on July 17
Snapshot : Exchange with host family on July 18
Snapshot : Welcome Party on July 19
Snapshot : Tea Ceremony on July 21
Snapshot : Demonstration on July 23
Snapshot : Study Tour to Seto & Mino on July 24-25
Snapshot : Demonstration on July 26
Snapshot : Demonstration on July 27
Snapshot : BBQ Party at Rinku Beach on Aug.1
Snapshot : Exchange with elementary school children
Snapshot : Loading of wood fire kiln on Aug.6
Snapshot : Children's Painting Exhibition, Kiln Party on Aug.10
Snapshot : Firing of wood fire kiln on Aug.10-13
Snapshot : Watching a baseball game
Snapshot : Unloading of wood fire kiln on Aug.17
Snapshot : Exhibition at Tokoname Ceramics Festival on Aug.21-22
Snapshot : Closing Ceremony on Aug.22
Snapshot : Farewel Party on Aug.23
Snapshot : Exhibition at INAX Tougaku-koubou