International Workshop of Ceramic Art in Tokoname Every summer,you can stay and study ceramic arts in Tokoname,Japan.
Tokoname Homepage Tokoname is one of the oldest ceramic town in Aichi Pref.,Japan.
Tokoname Bonsai Pots Tokoname is one of the largest area for Bonsai Pots in Japan. Shape,Color and Sizes.
Bonsai Empire Bonsai Empire is a website dedicated to spread and share knowledge of Bonsai.
Tokoname Tea Pots Tokoname is the largest area where make Tea Pots in Japan. Please find your favorite teapots for green tea.
Internet Studio of Tokoname Pottery You can draft a design for a piece of work.We will make it just as you want.
Ebetsu Ceramic Art Center Exhibition,Creation,Information,Transpotation and Event from Hokkaido
TOGEI-KAN Clay Arts Info & news, Japanese ceramics, Links to the clay world by Silicon Magic
KYOCERA Company Profile, Financial Report, Products Information, What's New by KYOCERA.
Asahi Glass Company Corporate Profile, Social Activity, News Release by AGC.
Noritake History, Tabletop Group, Industrial Products Group, Craft Center.etc.
NGK Insulators What's new, Information, Products, Public Relations Office.etc.
NGK Spark Plug Product Guide, Information, Corporate Guide .etc.
TOTO Annual Report 1997, TOTO USA .etc.
NIRIN-RioDB This is Ceramic Color Database by National Industrial Research Institute of Nagoya.
The Ceramic Society of Japan CSJ-net, Ceramic Mailing List, Other ceramic resources by CSJ.
Cradle of Kutani Ware History, Charm of five colors, Spirit, Terai-machi by NJK.
Gary Moler Yamagami-gama(Gary Moler)Works, Plofile, Others.
Japan Pottery Home Page Japanese pottery gallery that Ayako Kondo runs in Aoba-ku Yokohama,Japan.
Virtual Exhibition Wood-fired Stoneware from Shigaraki by Shiho Kanzaki.