How to keep Bee Shrimps

Crystal Red shrimps & normal bee shrimps in my tank
Mr. SUZUKI told me how to keep Bee Shrimps healthy.
If you are beginner of your aquarium life, it is a little difficult for you to keep them alive.
If you already keep plants in your aquqrium, you can keep the shrimps healthy.

NO anmonia in the tank. It is fatal for them.
They need pure & clean water.
Normal bee shrimps are tough, but Crystal Red Shrimps are very sensitive.

PH6.2~7.2 temp22~25C
If the water shift to alkaline, it means Ammonium ion in the tank water has reduced to ammonia, So I recommand to keep the tank water a little acidis for them.

PH7.5 or over is dangerous for bee shrimps.

Small gravel is better for breeding them. (bare tank is no problem.)

Tetra P-1 or P-2 sponge filter is recommended.

Filteration is necessary. I use charcole & carbone filteration.
"EHIIM" style filteration is recommended. But I'm now using upper flow filteration for my 12 gal (45 litter) tank, with no problem.

You may renew 1/3 of the water in the tank a week.

Aqua Safe NH/CL Formula is recommended to remove chlorine & chloramine from tap water.
Aqua Safe 2 in 1 is not necessary.
Chemical is not good for them.

Their life is about 15 month. To grow up to adult needs for 6 months. An adult Crystal Red spawns 20~30 babies every month.
If you find eggs under their bodies, you will see babies after 3 weeks.
Crystal Red is sure to be born in red. Adult Crystal Red is sure to give birth to red babies!

They may eat algae, but other food is recommended for them.
Fantinalis antipyretica/Riccia fluitans (a kind of moss) are good for them.

Boild spinach is their favorite. (They are POPYE?)
As soon as you put spinach in your tank, they will come to eat it.
You may treat to them one or two spinach every 3 days.

If they ignore spinach, It is a time to change water. (Bad water conditions)


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