Breeder Mr. SUZUKI in Japan

Only one breeder of Crystal Red in the world

1996/6/1 I met Mr. SUZUKI after 2 hours' driving. He is keeping a great number of normal bee shrimps in his tanks, Which are in the greenhouse in his backyard. He has more than 10 tanks in his house, and keeps red bee shrimps in them for stock. I'm surprised at his breeding system.
Mr. SUZUKI is in his greenhouse for breeding

Stock tank in his room He selects good red bee shrimps with his own eyes for the shipment every day, because unhealthy ones loose their vivid color soon.

Of course all shrimps are not vividly red' some of them are born in brown, and if the Red bee shrimps are not healthy, they lose their vivid color and change to brown. To distinguish which one was born red or brown is difficult for me.

In some of aqua pet shops in Japan, Crystal Red is already sold. The price of one Crystal Red is about 2,000 yen. Are you surprised at this price???

I got some CRYSTAL RED shrimps & normal (Black) bee shrimps from Mr. SUZUKI, & I began to breed CRYSTAL RED.


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