Red bee shrimp in the fresh water tank

Its body size is smaller than 1 inch

BIG NEWS! for fresh water aquarists in the world. Now I can introduce to you the real red color bee shrimp bred in Japan.

I am a hobby aquarist living in Nagoya, Japan. Below is a summary of my Japanese web page.

On 1996/5/17, Japanese newspaper reported.

Mr. HISAYASU SUZUKI has succeeded in breeding true red bee shrimp. He has named the shrimp "Crystal Red" and has been awarded a patent for his new shrimp.

Mr, SUZUKI has been breeding normal bee shrimps, which are banded with black stripes and has spent more than 8 million yen developing methods for breeding them over the past 6 years. Three years ago, he notice a single red bee shrimp in a batch of about a thousand shrimp.
This first red bee shrimp died but three generations of bee shrimp later, he discovered 3 red bee shrimps among the 3,000 he had bred.
He was successful in breeding the 3 red bee shrimp and now has more than 8,000 red bee shrimp in his tanks.

Mr. SUZUKI is a master of a small SUSHI bar in Aichi, Japan.
The Crystal Red bee shrimp is truly red. It's color is just like that of boiled shrimp on Sushi rice.

#Above English is given from Justin P. Healy. (Than'x Justin !.)

I can show you one of my 25 gallon tank. I'm a hobby aquarist living in Japan.


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