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A 900-year heritage of craftsmanship and the most up-to-date modern industry co-exist on the green hills overlooking Ise Bay. Tokoname-the "City of Ceramics",is developing into the 21st century.
Tokoname, a city in Aichi Prefecture in the heart of Japan, is situated along the west coast of the Chita Peninsula. It has a population of 52,000 and an area of 49.6sq.km.Tokoname has, for a long time, been a centre of ceramics, with its famous product known as Tokoname-ware. Besides the ceramics industry, machinery, metal-working, textiles, and a brewing industry(sake) have also been developed in the area. Large-scale readjustment of arable land has made the fertile soil ideal for vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants. Coastal fishing and the farming of high-quality laver, along the beaches, are other important activities in and around Tokoname.