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Dear ES members,

This is Shoji who takes charge of next meeting on 7/1 P.M. as MC.

My idea of the topics on the day would be as follows.

Thank you for your kind helping every time!


1.What’s new?

    How about the latter of this June?

2. Cooking and foods:

     I am afraid that this topics is a little small but large for you.

    However, I believe that eating foods is the first for all people.

    Your joyful story of the taste such as follows is welcome!

  2-1: Do you cook some time in daily life?

           What recipe do you love?  Any knowhow?

  2-2: What is the most delicious or impressive foods for you in

            your experience in the world or Japan?

   2-3: If you present foreign visitors in Tokoname a Japanese foods

            as a souvenir , what kind of Japanese foods do you present?

            Can you get it in Tokoname city?         

3. Free talking: If any time. 

Best Regards,

6/22    Shoji 

Tokoname International Association

English Speakers