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This is Shoji who takes charge of MC on this September 19.

My idea of the topics for the meeting would be as follows.

Looking forward to your cheerful and interesting speaking! 


1.     Whats new in this September?

2.     News:

  1. Usually what kind of news are you most interested in?

Please show us your over 3 items from follows.

      (weather, politics, economy, society, local, sports, culture, etc.)

  1. What medium of news do you contact with longer time?

(TV, Newspaper, Internet, Weekly magazine, etc.)

3.     New prime minister & cabinet after Abe

How do you evaluate the new prime minister & cabinet of Japan?

Please talk about strictly your expectant points & worrying points.

Best regards  

 9/10        Shyoji

Tokoname International Association

English Speakers