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Hello everyone,

 I’ll inform you the topic of Dec.16 ES meeting.

 I prepared the following items.

1) What’s new?

2)How do you think about the situation of the North Korea problems. 

Though it is an unnecessary additions, the following items are my private opinions mainly about the present situation recognition of this problem. But I don’t have any concrete ideas to solve this problem.

① North Korea’s strategic aim mainly the present system maintenance, and they are believing that having the nucleus and the missiles is the only countermeasure as the logic of the lesser power. 

② The United States insists on the containment by the overwhelming armaments, economic sanctions.  However, I think that this has a limit because China, Russia do not approve

③The United States and North Korea recognize the menace and the stupidity of the nuclear war together and want to certainly avoid the war. 

However, no matter what happens, they do not give the concession plan from oneself. 

④It is desirable that the United States and South Korea stop the joint military exercise and at the same time North Korea stops the nucleus, missile development and then they sit down in the seat of talks.

Your various view points, opinions or ideas about “ the present situation recognition –the pending items- the countermeasures” will be welcomed. 


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