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Dear English Speakers,

I'm Masa, the emcee of next meeting.


1. Recent news of yours.

2. Now, just because it is the time of the O-bon Festival, let 's talk about O-bon,
    Temple and Grave.

a. O-bon's custom seems to differ depending on each family, region, or sect,
    how do you spend this O-bon? 

b. Do you think that this religious event is changing? 

c. It is often said that the way of thinking about Japanese religion is changing
    dramatically, how do you think about this change? 

d. Has the relationship between you and the temple changed? 

e. Do you have a grave of your family? 

f. How will you manage your grave in the future? 

When we consider these things in various ways, unlimited troubles arise. 

I hope to have good talks.


English Speakers

Tokoname International Association