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ES topics of Oct. 21 meeting

Dear ES members,

This is Shoji who takes charge of next meeting on 10/21 after noon as MC.
My idea of the topics on the day would be as follows.
Thank you for your kind helping every time!

1.What's new?

2. Pets
Many people of Japan are keeping some pets in their house.
Are you keeping any pets in your house?
Honestly speaking, I haven't been liking to keep any animal pets.

2-1. What kind of things do you feel problematic in keeping pets
by another person or yourself ?

2-2. If you would keep a new pet, what kind of pets do you choice?

3. Casino
A few months ago, the governor of Aichi prefecture announced
that the first casino resort in Japan should be invited to Centrair iland.
Do you recognize that it will contribute to get up the life of Japanese,
especially the people of Aichi prefecture?
If so, what type of casino resort shall be admitted to open?
(Any simple ideas or imaginations are OK )

Best regards

10/16 Shoji

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