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Dear ES members,

This is Masa who takes in charge of the next meeting.

The topics are as follow.

1. What’s new?

2. After the Corona

The corona pandemic isn't about to end, but how do you think the world will change after the corona pandemic ends?

For example, how will people work differently?  Will telework become popular as a normal way of working?  The government may decide that it is more convenient to limit and monitor the freedom of citizens to prevent the spread of the infection.  The huge financial burden of the nation may lead to an economic crisis, which may lead to a nightmare situation such as corporate bankruptcy and an increase in unemployment.

'From elementary school to high school, it seems that the situation has returned to normal while being wary of infection, but it seems that nearly almost all universities are still continuing remote classes.  If university lectures can be done remotely for a year, I think it would be better to continue university lectures remotely.  I think that if we change the way the university should be according to the remote method, the university can make a big change.

As mentioned above, this time we would like to talk about how the world will change after the end of the Corona.


P.S.: I will inform you about the venue as soon as it is decided.

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