We convert from your DVD to video tapes and vice versa. DVD edited in all over the world is acceptable. We also be
able to convert video to DVD or convert DVD edited in foreign country to Japanese

You can enjoy worldwide DVD in Japan.

Price List

(in yen) under
/every 60min
not include Tapes 1,200 1,700 2,200 2,700 500
include Tapes 1,500 2,000 2,500 3,000 500

Get a 20% discount for ordering tapes/DVDs to 5, or a 10% discount for ordering tapes/DVDs to 3.

Other Fees

shipping 600 yen (Hokkaido & Okinawa is 1,200 yen) in Japan
option Video Hard Case 100yen/piece
Cellophane Wraping 30yen/piece
Title Label (only text) 30yen/piece

Payment Method

You can select your payment from the following:

About DVD

Supplemental Explanation

How to Order

  1. Please send us e-mail or submit the form below. The following form is for the order of 1DVD conversion. If you would like to have several DVD conversion,please make mention of it in the following Message column.
  2. We send you back a detailed guidance via e-mail. (Amount,Address,Account)
  3. Please do not send your credit number through the following form if you choose payment method by the credit card.
  4. You send your video tapes to us after you get the e-mail from us. To send tapes to us by registered mail or Takkyubin will be recommended.
  5. If you would like us to convert DVD in a hurry,or,you would like to receive converted DVD in a holiday, or, you

would like to appoint the time of receiving, please mention it in a following Message colum.

6.As soon as we finished editing,we will send converted DVD and master tapes to you.( If you choose payment method by advancepayment,
we will send them after we confirm your payment

7.We will issue a receipt or a bill if you need them. Please ask us to
issue them in advance.

Your name E-Mail
Company Phone
Length of DVD min Qty of duplication pieces
Region No. Country of DVD
Tape Charge not include Tapesinclude Tapes
Payment Bank TransfersRegistered Mail
Payment on DeliveryCredit Card
Please click on "SEND" to submit your order.

E-Mail: video@sbspet.com

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