From CENTRAIR(Chubu Int'l Airport):
Take a MEITETSU express train [red in MAP(1)] running to Nagoya. Then Get off the train at KANAYAMA station to change for subway MEIJO line(purple). MEIJO line is a circle line, so take the one that goes clockwise to OZONE. KAMIMAEZU station is just in two stops on the line.
The MEITETSU trains is running between the airport and Nagoya station quite frequently up to 23:30 at night.
The whole journey should take less than 1 hour; Meitetsu for 30-40 mins, subway for 5 mins, plus some waiting mins, but it might take more very late in the evening.
Alternitively you can take a shuttle but to Nagoya station. The bus takes an hour.

From Nagoya Station:
Take a subway on HIGASHIYAMA line (yellow on the map) for FUJIGAOKA first, then change trains at SAKAE for MEIJO line(purple) to KAMIMAEZU.
MEIJO line is running in circle, so take the one that goes anticlockwise to KANAYAMA or ARATAMABASHI. KAMIMAEZU is on the way to these stations.
The subway runs quite frequently on both lines, sometimes every 3 mins in the peak hours, but often runs every 5-10 mins even in off-peak, so it should take you less than 15 mins. Having said that, it might take a bit longer early in the morning or late at night.
Also please note that the subway stops around midnight.

From Kamimaezu station:
Get out from EXIT #3. From the exit, you will find a wide road with 3 lanes running forward on the left and a large intersection on the back. Walk down this road, away from the intersection behind, and soon you will find a cafe-restaurent at the first corner, called HIDAMARI in Japanese. Turn LEFT at this corner to the down-sloping narrower street. Follow the street nearly to the end, passing one small crossroad on the way. We are on the left hand side. It takes about 3 mins from the exit.
If you arrive there very late at night(after 23:00), use the exit #4 - the exit #3 will have been closed by that time.
The walking direction is illustrated in red arrow on MAP(2).

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